About Us

It was 2017 when Holly and Minae arrived in Finland with their families. While the rest of their families settled into school and university life, Holly and Minae spent their time searching for their footing in this new society – filled with employment challenges, language barriers, and cultural differences.

A chanced meeting in Oulu was the life-changing magic for them. They immediately bonded over their shared love for food, shared experiences as immigrants, and passion for sustainability. Many meals, hours of conversations, and an odd workshop collaboration later, they decided: Let’s create a place for everyone! With that, Zestii was born.

It was born out of the love for all things gastronomic, and the passion to make a difference through food.

Picture of Holly, cooking

Holly’s past life as a corporate sustainability professional, then baker of celebration cakes, followed by the arrival of her children, gave her the skillset uniquely suited to Zestii.

Where else could a cake obsessive eco-entrepreneur find true happiness?

Minaë was a typical Tokyoite busy bee living up to her career in marketing, product design and development. She loves exploring new flavours on travelling and recreating the flavour in back in her kitchen. Even on business trip, she never missed the opportunities to sneak out of the hotel and grab a bite from the street.

Now she is fond of experimenting with authentic Japanese recipes using Finnish seasonal produce, while her professional mind point to figure out how Zestii can include local sourcing to be a big part of Zestii business design.

Minae's picture, cooking

We believe sharing food is the best way to connect people.

Together, they’re on a mission to make Zestii a place for everyone – a community that cares about its people, their culture, wellbeing, and the planet. And it all starts from the food we consume.