Our collaborators

At Zestii we are not just a marketplace connecting home cooks and customers. 

We think of ourselves more as a community valuing and connecting all aspects of our network.  Collaborating with the right suppliers and business partners is as important to us as the quality of the produce and services they bring to our business. 

Choosing this community carefully means that we can help build a sustainable business that strengthens not only our own model but supports our cooks and enriches both the local community and economy.  This is why we would love to introduce you to a few of the great suppliers and the lovely people we’ve been working with to make Zestii happen.

Pure Maku is an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant operating in the centre of Oulu. They have provided Zestii with a physical venue for our Pop Up events. This has been invaluable to us and useful for Pure Maku as they are able to generate an income when their restaurant is closed for service. This mutually beneficial model is something I will discuss later in this piece but first – let’s meet Ujiie and Chika, our Pure Maku hosts!